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This gallery has been added in August 2019, as a demonstration of how I (Jonathon Dow) can shoot both the Photography Stills AND Cinematic Video at the same time. I use a set of cameras throughout the day, switching between them as I go.

When I am on the move (during all the bits of the day which aren’t the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance) I have one of my stills cameras around my neck for shooting dedicated Canon CR2 RAW photo files. And I carry another camera on a motorised Crane 2 Gimbal which is only for shooting HD Motion Video at 60 frames per second (for silky smooth slow-motion playback). I point this out because a lot of photographers who offer ‘photo-video’ packages tend to shoot everything in video only and then think that it is acceptable to pause the video to screen-grab stills from. I do not do this, as it results in poor quality photos.

For the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance, I set up three remotely controlled video cameras and three separate sources of audio, so that the entire Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance are filmed properly and presented as such on the finished movie. You get to hear everything that was said for these parts of the day too. For the other bits of the day, I use music that you used at your Wedding. During the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance. And while the video cameras are running, I shoot Photo Stills with my dedicated Stills Cameras in Canon CR2 RAW format.

You will receive a gift-boxed USB Memory Card which will contain all of the Photo Stills in their edited full-size and full-quality JPEG format, ready for you to print, share, give away etc., as you wish. There will be an order form for whichever book(s) are included in your package. For the Movie, you will receive three DVDs which are printed onto so they appear like commercially bought DVDs. One for the Bride & Groom, and two to give to each side of the family.

So you see, it is so easy for me to cover both parts together. And it doesn’t take any more time up on the day either, because when there are multiple people with cameras, the time gets shared out, as the photographer would shot their stills, and then the videographer would shoot their video.

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