Commercial Services

Professional Master Photography since 1997

At Keylight we offer both Stills Photography and Commercial Videography services.

Whatever your business is (industrial, legal, manufacturing, administrative, retail etc.) we can create the perfect package to advertise your business effectively.  In this modern world of Internet and customer wanting everything immediately, they view your website and want to see as much visual footage as possible.  Simply having a basic website with text and price lists is not enough.

If you are a Hotel, for example, you need high quality stills photos of the interior and exterior features. Guests will want to see what the rooms and facilities look like.  And there is a huge difference between doing the photos yourself, and having them created by a professional.  With stills photography, images need to be properly lit, well executed and cinematic in appearance.  This is one of Keylight’s specialist areas.  The same applies to the restaurants and what is on the menu.  Food photography is another area of specialism for Keylight.

If you are an industrial company, your customer base might be other industrial companies if you are part of a supply chain of products, for example.  Showing high quality images of the factory and working areas is paramount and immediately demonstrates the professionalism you offer.

Similarly, if you are an administrative company, such as an accountant, solicitor etc., you might not immediately think that photos are necessary. But when the potential customer views your site, if they are only met with pages of text, they might search elsewhere.

And it is also important in a wide array of industries to have staff portraits, photos of awards and trophies, vehicles and equipment that are used to carry out your duties.  All of these can be covered by Keylight.

How we Work
When it comes to arranging a quotation, Jonathon will visit your business premises and take a look around at the main aspects of what you do.  Talking with you to get a clear idea of what is required and noting down all the main points will give an idea of how much time may be needed to complete on-site filming and photography. Wherever things can be condensed into the same day’s shooting session or site visit, this will be laid out in the quotation for speed and efficiency.  This also keeps costs down.

When the day comes, Jonathon will liaise with any staff members who may be needed for the images or filming, and areas will be tidied and polished if required, to make them shine through as best as possible in the images. All equipment for lighting etc. is brought along and Jonathon makes sure to keep any interference with live work processes to a minimum, to ensure that your business does not slow down for the sake of a photo/video session.

Daytime and night time photography / videography can be covered, especially where buildings are lit up at night.

All images and videos are provided on USB and Copyright Ownership is given to allow for reproduction, by you, whenever you like.  This is especially good for creating press adverts, menus, posters etc.

When it comes to posing people for portraits and head-shots, having photographed over 1 million people over the last 27 years, this is very easy for Jonathon and you will always feel at ease. Adding some fun into the mix gets the most relaxed and natural expressions.  You don’t need to be a model or have any experience of posing in front of a camera.

All photography and videography is edited using high quality equipment and calibrated computers, and this ensures that colour-grading and finish is of the highest standard, regardless of whether your potential customers view your website on a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.  Images are presented in both full-size and full-quality format (for printing), and web-ready format (smaller image files that are optimised for sharp and striking viewing on screens, and data sizes lowered considerably to save on lengthy download times).

Prices & Quotations
Please feel free to contact us with your requests.  As industries and requirements vary from basic portraiture of staff members, to comprehensive coverage of a complete site, we can quote on application.  As Jonathon works alone, this keeps costs down considerably, as many photo/video companies employ a team of staff to carry out work onsite (photographers, videographers, sound technicians, editors, lighting managers etc.) and they all need to be paid.