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Are you in a Band?  Want the most publicity?
These days, the only way to gain true exposure is not by producing records and trying to sell them on iTunes and other similar outlets.  Well, not entirely. What is the first thing you do when you want to listen to a new band?  Do you go to online audio streaming sites and sift through the musical genres?  Or do you hop on to YouTube and Vimeo and see the music video instead?

Having a music video is much more professional than simply putting the songs out and hoping for the best.  It enhances the exposure that your band will get and is a great way not only to gauge viewer opinions and see which songs are more popular than others in your own playlist, but also as a way of advertising.  Imagine 20 or so years ago, most bands would try to pass a CD of their album to the A&R department at a record label.  They would then sit back and wait for the phone to ring.  But that’s what everyone else did too, right?  So the sheer saturation of music in the industry makes competition hard. These days, many major and smaller record labels actively seek out bands and new music with the intention of signing the band for a record deal, by viewing music videos online.  They want to see the faces of the band and how they operate, act on stage and on film.  Are they a viable potential source of new revenue for them?

And when it comes to promoting gigs, what is better than a video to show off to the target audience?  No matter how young or old the band, everyone needs the best exposure.  Imagine having a professional video with a QR Code at the beginning and end.  The viewer can point their Smartphone at the code and it could take them directly to ticket sales and gig dates and venues. So these days, having a music video is almost essential.

Remember, music videos and online audio are just a way of advertising your band for potential sales of merchandise and gig tickets.  In today’s world of downloads and streaming, a large proportion of your audience may only ever get as far as YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Spotify.

Jonathon has been creating Music Videos for a number of years now.  Using the latest in DSLR cameras, music videos can be produced in a variety of styles to suit your musical style and the target audience.  Basic videos in a one-camera-fly-one-the-wall approach can be achieved to give a live feel, and can be created with simple GoPro cameras attached to motorised Gimbles for cinematic and super smooth quality. And comprehensive videos can also be created, with multiple cameras, locations and footage captured to edit into a film that tells a story, as well as shows the actual performance.  The final video can be presented on DVD at full-quality uncompressed 1080p for safe keeping, and a selection of high quality uploads can be created for the very best in viewing on various mediums, including PC, Mac, Tablet PCs and Smartphones.  All viewer-medium types are carefully tested for optimised results.

Prices & Quotations
Basic video productions start from as little as £500 and more bespoke quotes can be given upon application.  For more information, please contact us.