Corporate Videography

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Keylight Photography provides Corporate Videography services.
If you are looking to increase your online awareness and maximise publicity and advertising, having videos and adverts created is the fastest way to expand.  As with everything online these days, customers like to see photos and videos as well as good quality written content, and Google likes this too.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a tricky and ever-changing responsibility and many companies (like Keylight) prefer to employ professional SEO firms to handle this.  Adding videos not only increases your SEO and visibility online, but it also gives your customers a much better understanding of what you offer.


Why choose Keylight?
Jonathon has many years’ experience and expertise in film production and works alone to accomplish this.  This will save a lot of money in staff costs, as many similar Corporate Video companies have a crew of camera operators, sound and boom microphone managers, editors, graphic design specialists and musicians. And they all want paying.  This is why a lot of businesses do not yet have videos for customers to see. And generally, many video companies quote in excess of £5000 for 30 seconds to 2 minutes for the final video length.

Jonathon can perform all the tasks above and this cuts costs considerably. Jonathon is a photographer, cinematographer, musician, presenter, editor, director and producer. With a background in music, he plays the piano, drums, guitar and sings.  At Keylight, we have a dedicated music studio suite with video screens, and this in itself means that all production aspects are done in-house and again, costs are kept to a minimum.


The Process
The first thing that happens is a Consultation Appointment is created and Jonathon will visit your business site to take a look at what you do, what the site looks like and how things operate.  A discussion is had to discover the main aspects that you are looking to promote.

Following this, a bespoke quotation is created which will include an estimated number of days for filming, editing, music creation, voice over adding and creation of “Stings & Logo Credits” using your own company material.  The quotation is flexible and once agreed a mutually agreeable date is met for production to begin.

Jonathon uses the latest Canon DSLR recording equipment for filming in 1080p Cinematic-grade.  Lighting, sound equipment and anything else which is required to make the production shine are brought along too.  The site is tidied up before filming starts and whomever you would like to star in the film (your company staff) is briefed and given scripts for rehearsal.

Once filming is underway, Jonathon will direct any staff members and actors and film additional on-the-job footage and any other appropriate footage for use when editing the final video.  Rather than just turn up and shoot, these are as are carefully thought out and tidied to give the best appearance.

Once all filming onsite is completed, Jonathon will go back to Keylight and begin the backup and editing processes.  Demo versions of the video without music, voice-overs and graphics / credits can be provided to you to check progress and give creative input.  Once the general video editing is completed, music is written to suit the nature of the film and credits and graphics are added to finish the production.

A Master Copy is rendered at high quality (1080p full-grade with very little compression) and it is checked on a number of different PCs, Macs, TV screens, Tablets and Smartphones, to ensure that the picture and sound are correct.  This is important, because different machines offer different qualities of playback, and, whilst many Smartphones and Tablets automatically compress the video feed down (for ease of downloading) this needs to be checked and optimised.  The Master Copy is presented to you on a DVD for safe keeping.

For easy compatibility with Tablet PCs and Smartphones, videos are uploaded in the correct resolution and data formats, allowing popular video hosting sites (YouTube / Vimeo etc.) to make best use of streaming your film without fuzziness, dropouts and slow downloading.

When the final video is ready for publication, you can either upload it to your preferred online playback site (YouTube / Vimeo / other), or Jonathon can do this for you, providing access is granted to your channel.  If you do not have an online video channel, Jonathon can create one for you.

When the video is online, you can add it to your website or ask the company who manages your site to do this.  If you prefer not to have the video on your main website, you can always copy the URL address where the video was uploaded to (YouTube etc.) and use the link to paste into emails for sending to clients, as an example.


Would you like more information?
Simply contact us and we will do the rest.  With full UK coverage, you are never too far away.  Quotations are comprehensive and if required, will include travel and accommodation expenses, which are always kept to a minimum.  Accommodation may only apply for long-distance travel from the West Midlands, where multiple day’s onsite at your business are needed for production.  But don’t worry, the lowest-priced B&B will do.  And Google Maps is used to generate basic travel expenses.